Engagement, wedding & eternity rings

Process (for all rings over €1,000) -

  1. Initial call/meeting/video call to discuss budget, design ideas & lifestyle needs.
  2. Diamond/diamonds will be sourced and design sketched up.
  3. Meeting in person at our diamond offices off Nassau street, Dublin 2 (opposite Trinity college)/video call to finalise design and stone details.
  4. The ring is made.
  5. Finished piece presented - and a purchasing decision made, there is no obligation to buy the piece. 
Our gemologist is Holly Bryan, George’s daughter, who studied at the prestigious Gem A laboratory in London. With 15 years experience she has benefited from best in class training that allows her to find the best value diamond - one that maximises budget impact - without compromising on quality. Once sourced we design the most beautiful bespoke ring around it.

A bespoke equestrian engagement ring that we created.

'Growing up I watched my dad make such beautiful things in his workshop - that is where my appreciation for design began. After formally studying gemmology I was equipped with an additional understanding of how to use a gemstone's technical information to be able to maximise the beauty in any design' - Holly Bryan

Placeholder ring

Making a bespoke engagement ring can take time, while you wait we can offer a complimentary placeholder ring if desired. It consists of a small round cubic zirconia set in 9ct yellow gold, a perfect promise of more beautiful things to come.

Exceptional boxes 

Our engagement ring boxes open to reveal more than just one surprise inside - they contain a LED light that illuminates on opening to maximise impact and sparkle, creating an enchanting first impression (and making nighttime proposals amazing).

The perfect engagement ring

We understand that an engagement ring can be a major investment. We treat it that way from the beginning to the end of the process. Each ring that is over €1,000 will be collabrortaively designed with you, this will ensure the needs of the wearer will be understood and met. We will create the perfect ring - beautiful and comfortable to wear - a future heirloom. 

Laboratory grown vs natural diamonds, what design will suit your lifestyle, how we can maximise the budget. We will explain everything to you during the process so you can make informed decisions on each detail.

We have a no obligation policy, this means that the ring is made up for you to look at and try on. At this point, it's up to you whether you want to purchase it or not.

Call or message us now to begin the journey.

Fancy cut stones

All Diamonds that are not round are considered to be “fancy cuts”. A good gemologist will understand what is really important for each different shape of "fancy cut" and which elements in the quality are less impactful so that the best stone can be found within the budget.

This bespoke "pear" shape diamond was selected to maximise the coverage on the hand as "pear" shaped stones look larger than round cut diamonds. Hundreds of stones were checked until a diamond with a small inclusion or "flaw" in just the right place was found. The inclusion kept the price down but it is completely hidden by one of the claws which hold the diamond in place because of Holly's clever design. 
Our decades of experience translate into a markedly elevated engagement ring for any budget.


We can provide certification for all diamonds that we source for you. Certification confirms the grade and a guarantee that it is conflict free.

1) Our diamonds can be supplied with a certificate confirming their grade and quality from either GIA or IGI which are the two most respected laboratories in the business.
2) All of our diamonds follow the Kimberly process, which means that they are certified conflict free.

Wedding & eternity bands

Talk to us about designing a bespoke ring for you or a loved one.

Ranging from classic, timeless designs, to something more unusual or Avant Garde, gold or silver, with or without stones, you choose. Send us a message or call us and we would be delighted to send you a quotation and explain the design process.